Customized packages
based on a diversified range
of satellite resources and
innovative hardware products

Satellite Capacity Provider
& VSAT Manufacturer

Corporate Overview

Romantis is a vertically integrated group of companies with its head office in Germany and operations worldwide. It is a major value-added reseller of satellite capacity and a manufacturer of satellite networking products. Romantis' vision is to provide clients with high-quality customized communications packages based on the diversified range of satellite resources and innovative hardware products.

Being a universal satellite capacity trader, the group manages more than 500 MHz of full-time satellite capacity on different satellites around the world offering permanent and occasional-use bandwidth.

In respect to hardware Romantis produces and markets the innovative UHP (Universal Hardware Platform) product – the industry’s first fully software-defined router that can be used within networks of any size either as a hub or a remote and supporting any topologies and modes of operations like SCPC, SCPC DAMA, TDM/SCPC, TDM/TDMA, TDM/TDMA Mesh and Full Mesh TDMA.

Romantis also operates its own VSAT and HD/SD MCPC platforms that can be used as VNO infrastructure by broadcasters, telecom providers and enterprises.

Featuring the most advanced satellite technology for audio, video and data transmission services, Romantis brings together solid experience, impressive facilities and all the creativity needed for today’s rapidly changing technology and marketplace.

Romantis Group of Companies

With its offices in Germany, Canada and Russia, the Romantis Group of companies is a global partner providing its customers with premium satellite communication services regardless of location and type of application.

EU & MENA – Romantis GmbH, German member of Romantis Group is supporting European companies with their development in fast-growing countries of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Americas & South-East Asia – Romantis, Inc., American member of the group  incorporated in 2011 offers satellite capacity, ground infrastructure and UHP hardware of the Group “à la carte”, as well as provides its customers with advanced solutions for telecommunications and broadcast networks

RUSSIA & CIS - For many years Romantis is a key player on the TV market of the CIS states. Romantis OOO office in Moscow is a bridge to the global satellite capacities for our Russian-speaking customers in the CIS. Move to the local website»