In memory of Dr. Harald W. Stange

Dear satellite community,

We are so sorry to let you know that our former Romantis CEO, Dr. Harald W. Stange, passed away on 21st January 2020 after long and severe illness.

We are deeply saddened. With Dr. Stange we did not lose our long-lasting Chief Executive Officer only, we lost a highly professional satellite communication expert, reliable business man, long-standing and  esteemed colleague and friend.

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Stange left his remarkable footprint in our satellite communication industries and community. After starting with EuroDATA, he worked in responsible managing positions of companies like DeTeSat, Plenexis, DETECON Al-Saudia and Romantis. Under his guidance many important and worldwide corporate satellite networks in different industry verticals had been implemented and operated for many years. He was an esteemed business partner and technical adviser of various satellite operators, many satellite service and ground segment providers. During his years as CEO of Romantis, before his retirement, he represented Romantis GmbH as German signatory within the Intersputnik organization.

From many condolences we got, people in our satellite communication community praised him as outstanding personality, as very experienced satellite expert and business developer, as man of honor.

We miss him very much.