Romantis will serve TV and SNG broadcasters during the 2018 FIFA™ World Cup

Berlin, Germany.

The soccer world is looking forward to an amazing football year with the upcoming 2018 FIFA™ World Cup scheduled to take place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July this year.

Sporting events always offer huge opportunities for our satellite & broadcast industries but pose also big technical challenges: Millions of people want to watch the games in real time and best quality, want to be always up to date about results and news, interviews and are interested in first-run reports about host country and people.

For that TV and SNG service providers need a powerful broadcast infrastructure and competent, reliable service supporter during this football championship as it is provided by us, Romantis.

With AM-44 based Occasional Use (OU) service and fixed services via AM-8, Romantis offers European broadcasters and SNG service providers an optimal platform to directly reach all FIFA™ World Cup stadiums in Russia to transmit the World Cup news immediately to the broadcaster head offices in Western or Central Europe, but also in the Americas and Africa.

Our turnkey OU service is completely handled by Romantis Germany. We are offering 7d/24h service support to our customers. For any booking, our customers can use our state-of-the-art web-based booking system. Romantis is offering a wide range of commonly used bandwidth slots from 2.25 MHz up to 36 MHz, from 15 minutes only up to several hours. Capacity bookings and even booking changes can be done at short notice.

And everything for very lucrative per minute fees.

Also, for TV broadcasters and SNG companies outside Europe, Romantis offers primary or back-up facilities and services to bring the FIFA™ World Cup straight away to other continents. As example, Romantis is able to interconnect three continents by using one only satellite. Thus, our clients will be enabled to transmit the World Cup content there in real time and without double hop from Russia to the Americas or Africa.

We are looking forward to serving you during the FIFA™ World Cup in June.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further detailed information via our web portal.

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