OU Capacity Booking

Whether you are broadcasting live video or backhauling production content between your studios, Romantis Occasional Use capacities will ensure seamless coverage from South America to the Far East. You can transmit breaking and scheduled news events, provide coverage of major sporting and political events when and where it is necessary. The Occasional Use (OU) booking can be as short as 15 minutes or can last for as long as several weeks or months.

T: +49-30-565-90-4890

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  • Wide variety of bandwidths from 1,5 and up to 36 MHz
  • Support of SD, HD and UHD transmissions
  • Online booking system for operative management
  • Traditional SCPC and IP-based VSAT SNG solutions
  • Highly-competitive pricing and powerful coverage


Available OU Capacities

Express AM44 ST1 Ku-band (11W)

Intelsat IS-33e U40 Ku-band (60E)

Intelsat IS-20 RUKV Ku-band (68.5E)

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