Customized packages
based on a diversified range
of satellite resources and
innovative hardware products

Satellite Capacity Provider
& VSAT Manufacturer

For Broadcasters

MCPC Platform

Romantis Multimedia Platform, MCPC video distribution network based on DVB-S2 standard, provides global, comprehensive, content distribution services. Romantis operates two wide-coverage DVB-S2 platforms based on powerful, DTH-class Ku-band satellites with strategic locations at 11⁰ West and 85⁰ East orbital slots that ensure unprecedented seamless coverage of entire Europe, Russia and CIS countries. The platforms provide broadcasters with SD and HD distribution (MPEG2/4), radio broadcast, multimedia content delivery and IPTV services, as well as with rapidly deployable connectivity for live transmissions from anywhere to studio based on Occasional Use capacity of Romantis. Overlayed VSAT network boosts Romantis Multimedia Platform by interactive, broadband services.

  • Own digital TV distribution infrastructure
  • Cost-efficient DVB-S2 technology
  • Suitable for a single channel and MCPC
  • Backup for terrestrial distribution networks
  • Multimedia IP content delivery
  • Value-added interactive services
  • Wide coverage and reliable services
Digital TV Distribution
TV and Radio Broadcast via satellite

Occasional Broadcast

Innovative methods of video encoding, in combination with modern VSAT systems allow to operate a network of mobile Satellite News Gathering Stations (SNG) within a bandwidth previously occupied just by single reporter. Moreover the process of connecting to such a SNG network is a just one-button operation. The reporter is provided with voice and data interactive communications with the studio before, after and during live transmission. Quick-deployable satellite station is a very efficient tool for fast-response teams, providing them and affected inhabitants with access to telecommunication infrastructure just in a few hours after the disaster.

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  • Dedicated or standard OU capacity to media, business and government
  • Efficient, just in time video, voice and data communications
    wherever it necessary
  • Any throughputs – from a couple of MHz for standard video or data
    and up to the entire transponder for HD transmissions
  • Web-based, online booking tools allow registered customers
    planning and managing transmissions on-the-fly
Occasional Broadcast via Express-AM44

IPTV Networks

Television over IP is not only an alternative to traditional ways of content delivery, but also a new approach in serving consumers with interactive services. With its unprecedented high throughput UHP satellite router can ensure the delivery of IPTV programming in real time with simultaneous update of local Servers with the newest pay-per-view content. Interactive satellite network provides reliable feedback from the audience for authorization of access to the content and additional services.