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Private Networks

Remote Office Connectivity

Efficiency of a remote office operation depends on the level of its integration into corporate business processes. The availability of permanent and broadband connection to all company's divisions, key suppliers and dealers is a prerequisite for successful business. UHP network can be used for connecting one or two remote offices and makes it possible to expand corporate network up to hundreds of terminals. What can be more reliable than your own communication infrastructure independent of the land infrastructure state and service providers? Satellite terminals can become an optimal solution to backup terrestrial channels at places where they already available. Broadband communication with a multicast possibility extends the range of possible corporate solutions – delivery of large amounts of data to the unlimited number of users, videoconference, personnel distant training etc.

M2M/SCADA Applications

Oil and gas companies have perhaps the most extended area for their business. At the same time, exploration and production sites, pipeline routes are far away from the essential communication infrastructure. UHP satellite terminals make it possible to solve practically all telecommunication tasks for the oil and gas industry. Satellite terminal can be installed in any place and can provide broadband connectivity for remote divisions with a unified corporate network. Staff working by rotation method away from their families and large cities will always be in contact with their relatives and colleagues, and acquisition of telemetry data from the entire pipeline length will allow prompt failures prevention and real-time monitoring of the entire system. Connecting of petrol stations to a unified telecommunication network allows monitoring of fuel flow and optimizes deliveries planning. This also makes it possible to significantly increase the amount of services rendered to petrol station clients.

Maritime Communications

Maritime communication - it is not only a full-feature communication for the crew and passengers but also a higher transportation safety. Satellite terminals will maintain communication with mainland, at anchorage and in motion. Passenger ships can significantly improve services by maintaining continuous GSM communication and providing broadband Internet access. UHP satellite platform is ideal for creating global communication networks for sea ships. When crossing oceans and seas the ships will stay in contact by switching from one satellite to another. Apart from mobile objects other objects of the nautical navigation infrastructure can also be connected to such a network.

  • Fast-deployable private networks
  • Fixed, transportable and mobile terminals
  • Inexpensive hardware subsidized via capacity
  • Cost-effective dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Supporting data, voice and videoconferencing
  • Applicable for primary links and redundancy
  • Integrated ground and space segment solution
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