Cost-effective capacity solutions for the Middle East and the Persian Gulf

Berlin, Germany.

Romantis announces service provisioning with use of Express AM22 satellite, which was successfully relocated to 80E geosynchronous orbital position and is currently operated in inclined orbit mode. This satellite capacity is primarily addressed for Communication On The Move (COTM) applications as far as no additional hardware required – COTM terminals are already equipped with a tracking antenna. This satellite is also good for Satellite News Gathering (SNG) short-term transmission because such terminals need to be adjusted to the satellite before each transmission and are relatively stable during 30-60 minutes of SNG transmission.

With exploit of tracking antennas this satellite can be also used for broadband Internet access, high-throughput trunks and cellular backhaul. Romantis in cooperation with its partners is ready to ship cost-effective hardware solution for COTM and fixed terminals.

Procurement of inclined Express AM22 satellite capability presents substantial cost savings in an austere budgetary environment. The price per megahertz is substantially lower than station-kept satellites and allows approaching new business niches, markets and applications. Romantis is also able to provide respective teleport / uplink services from Europe on demand and our customers may start operating this capacity immediately and offer highly competitive services without any essential investments. Our teleport is connected to the Tier 1 European backbone and supports SCPC and TDM/TDMA access modes.

Please contact Romantis sales team to find a solution for your application/market and to be pleasantly surprised by our very special pricing and high quality.

About Romantis Group

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