Romantis travels along the Silk Road

Berlin, Germany.

Following its highly successful participation at CabSat 2017 exhibition and conference, Romantis has closed several deals in Western Central and South Asia. It was possible thanks to recent repositioning of the steerable beams of Express AM7 and Express AM22. The capacities of these satellites will be used for different applications including TV broadcasting, Satellite News Gathering (DSNG), VSAT networking and communication on the move.

The key motivation of choosing Express AM7 for this region is because of seamless coverage from Western to South Asia and extremely strong power of the satellite exceeding 54 dBW. It is necessary to mention about high elevation angles of the satellite located at 40 degrees East what makes this solution highly applicable for mobile communications. Our customers from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran have already evaluated all the benefits of the satellite and intensively expanding their networks.

This region has a great demand for satellite capacity that is currently locked because of unaffordable prices for satellite capacity. “Our first sales results confirm our decision to reposition one of the beams of this inclined-orbit satellite to the Western Asia.” – said Lutz Rossburg, Managing Director of Romantis GmbH – “We offer complete service comprising low-cost capacity and high-speed teleport in Europe. This minimizes CAPEX and OPEX of our customers and allows them penetrating into new market nieces.”

RSCC and Romantis successfully cooperate in the joint implementation of projects in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. We hope that this agreement will allow us to expand cooperation in the Asian market, which is strategically important for both companies,” notes Kseniya Drozdova, RSCC Deputy General Director for Business Development.

With such portfolio Romantis has strong capabilities to compete on the Asian market and expand its services well-known in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Romantis is committed and very excited about this market and is open for cooperation with regional and global partners.

About Romantis Group

With its offices worldwide, the Romantis Group of companies is a global partner providing its customers with premium satellite communication services regardless of location and application type. Romantis is a vertically integrated group of companies with its head office in Germany and operations worldwide. It is a major value-added reseller of satellite capacity and a manufacturer of satellite networking products. Romantis’ vision is to provide clients with high-quality customized communications packages based on the diversified range of satellite resources and innovative hardware products. Featuring the most advanced satellite technology for audio, video and data transmission services, Romantis brings together solid experience, impressive facilities and all the creativity needed for today’s rapidly changing technology and marketplace.