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Our Solutions

Romantis is a telecommunication service provider that offers end-to-end network solutions, based on innovative terrestrial and wireless technologies to provide connectivity for various applications, including enterprises, broadcasting, maritime and cellular backhaul. Our telecommunications services enable voice, data, and video communication over large geographic areas. Romantis partners with innovative equipment manufacturers and uses the most advanced software solutions to provide the highest quality of service and the best cost of ownership.

Enterprise Data

An enterprise network is a sophisticated communication system that enables businesses and organisations to connect their remote locations with a reliable and secure communications. Such private networks are not affected by geographical barriers and more secure and reliable.

Cellular Backhaul

Cellular backhaul provides connectivity between remote cellular base stations and core networks. Backhaul is a critical component of the cellular network as it enables the exchange of data and voice traffic between mobile devices and the core network.


Maritime services enable communication and data transmission between ships and land-based networks. Such services are essential for the shipping industry, as they provide a reliable and secure means of communication for vessel operators and crew.

Media Delivery

Timely delivery of high-quality media content is critical to modern media companies. Romantis high-speed communication channels support the transmission of video and audio from almost anywhere on the planet.

Our Products

Broadband Communication Networks

Romantis provides its customers with communication channels and network topologies for transmitting various digital information. Our solutions have high throughput and high reliability. Romantis digital channels use the latest terrestrial and wireless communication technologies with seamless integration into the customer's existing infrastructure. Our specialists undertake the full range of work:

  • Analysis of customer's requirements and existing network
  • Selecting the most optimal communication technology
  • Network design and resource planning
  • Installation of a communication channel and its operation
  • Technical support and maintenance

Telecommunication Equipment

As a rule, connecting to modern communication channels requires updating the customer’s infrastructure equipment. Our skilled specialists are ready to select, purchase, deliver and install such equipment at the customer’s site. Equipment supplied may include terrestrial and wireless modems, switches, routers, servers, software, etc. This approach has a number of advantages:

  • Single point of responsibility
  • Complete solution compatibility
  • Qualified installation and configuration
  • Warranty and follow-up service
  • Favorable commercial terms

Network Engineering and Support

Romantis customers can always count on professional technical support from our company’s engineers. Our modern monitoring tools allow us to detect or even predict possible anomalies in communication channels and take measures to prevent interruptions or degradation of the quality of our services. Our technical support services include:

  • 24/7 monitoring of service quality
  • Prompt service restoration
  • Providing replacement resources
  • On-site equipment maintenance
  • Repair of faulty equipment


Romantis GmbH is a private company that has been providing first-class telecommunications services to its customers since 2005. Over these decades of operations, we have completed a large number of projects in various countries around the world.
The services of our company have always differed from competitors in their flexible approach to customer needs, high quality and competitive rates. Romantis cooperates with a large number of telecom operators in the European Union, USA and other countries of the world. This partnership, as well as our extensive expertise in terrestrial and wireless networks, allows us to create the most effective solutions in any of the most inaccessible places.


Romantis GmbH
Wendenschloßstraße 350, 12557 Berlin, Germany,
Telephone: +49-30-565-90-4812
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