Express AM8 (14°W) for LATAM

Express AM8 satellite provides excellent coverage of Latin America.
  • Manufacturer: ISS and Thales Alenia Space
  • Platform: Express-1000H
  • Date of launch: September 2015
  • Orbit: Geostationary / 14° W
  • Station keeping accuracy: ±0,05° (N&S / E&W)
  • Operational life-time: 15 years
  • Stabilisation: Three axes
  • Payload electric power: 5880 W
  • Mass of payload: 661 kg
  • Mass of satellite: 2100 kg
  • Ku-band, Linear: 12x36 MHz; 4x54 MHz (150W)
  • C-band, Circular: 24x40 MHz (100W)
  • Cross-strap: Supported
Express AM8 Ku-band

Express AM8 FK3 EIRP

Express AM8 FK3 G/T

Express AM8 FK1 and FK3 cross-strap EIRP

Express AM8 C-band

Express AM8 FC2 EIRP

Express AM8 FC2 G/T

Express AM8 FC1 and FC2 cross-strap EIRP

Express AM8 FC1 and FC2 cross-strap G/T

Express AM8 Global Beam EIRP

Express AM8 Global Beam G/T